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    Hello Fellow IGS Members!! Below are my services. Due to the recent decision to add the sector of loose precious & semi precious gem business. I am adding a sister company to Elijah Quin. The name of gem business will be DiamondGems. With current presence on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Tic Toc, DiamondGems will be soon offering DiamondGemsTv. This is going go be great. On current youtube channel sharing regions, feed of purchases avd anything related to the trade. As I grow into this new sector, Even though I have been around gemstones for over 20 yrs. It was a personal hobby. Now I have decided to get as serious about buying and selling rough gems and faceted gems. NOV 2022 Is when I announced starting this sector. Just fron Dec , January and mid way thru February I have gained many contacts in 5 countries. I just put in the order of the 1st round of peridot rough out of pakistan and will be cut into sets. Purchased with my business money along with small private investors who will earn percentage of all sales for that parcel they invested in . I need many small private investors to keep up with deals I recieve daily. Please feel free to reach out and discuss. Email is best form of communication. Anyone feel free to go to my personal fb page. Most business postings are there. Just remember it is my personal page, business, friends , family.

    Offering the following services; Consignmentd,Buy Sell, Trade Precious, Semi Precious Rough Gems & Faceted Loose Colored Gemstones,, Vintage Watch Restorations, Pressure Testing , Rolex Bracelet Repairs, Crystal Replacements, Plating Services, Wax Carving, Mold iInjecting, Lost Wax Casting, Gemstone Setting, Bead Blasting, Pearl Drilling , Ingots, Pressure Testing , Gemstone ID Service, Evaluations, Appraisals, Dial Restorations , Professional Buff, Polish and Finishing Services and Lume Applications,

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