I have minted some NFTs of My Pet Fossils and have them listed for sale at Rarible.com!

    Please check them out as the NFTs are the future and the future is now…

    I am Bud of Natural BDZ Designs.

    BDZ… all thats missing is "U" and with YOU?…Anything is Possible!!!


    I have collected fossil rocks for 50 years, The Year 2020 cut them and NOW want to share with everyone this collection of truly "ONE OF A KIND" ellipticals with all sorts of ancient LIFE written and immortalized now as TOKENS. YOUR grandchildren will want these! I am calling these: " NON DESCRIPTIVE.FOSSIL.TROVE. OR N.F.T." ALL unveiled in 2020 RARE 5+ SPECIES OF MICRO-MACRO FOSSILS. (Original Fossil Gems value=5.00 per ct.)

    N.F.Ts were done by nature… Millions of years it took them to get to THIS FUTURE. The best way to predict the future is to create it The Future is NOW…I have waited my whole life for this day. Sincerely happy to be able to share it with you. Take care and please save THIS Planet. IT IS the only one we HAVE.. Save the Fossils and Save the World !!! Thank you.

    I also designed on There.com,and have buggys listed in auction now…with an added bonus for those of you who choose to take advantage of this.

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